An evening

Dusk was approaching and people were going to their home after spending whole day in their workplaces ,Some tired, some still filled with enthusiasm, some sad and tense while some were happy and satisfied, few were oblivion in their own thoughts and many were busy chatting with their friends. I too was going at someone’s place and during my journey observed people around me.

                     While moving to their destinations they caught glimpse of other passengers but never talk to each other. I was travelling in metro and something happened when I entered the coach only for ladies. There was a conflict going on between two women, one was shouting over other for being chafed by her in crowed. The other woman said sorry but the vexed lady kept on shouting for around five minutes when another lady came into picture and pacified her by saying that “let it go, she is saying sorry”. Those words assuaged both women and controlled the whole situation.

                   If an undesirable event happens in a public place, few of a passerby have the courage  to support the victim and stand by him/her, this behaviour represents the empathy present among humans for strangers. But the degree of this feeling varies among individuals, those among whom this is present in intense amount they are forced from within to take action in the form of speaking their opinion to stand by others or take physical action while in others the level of this feeling is small enough to be subsided. Sometimes the anger and frustration generated as a result of empathy is so intense that it can result into open conflicts which can be disturbing for the surrounding crowd. The decision to express or not to express oneself for a stranger is subjective and depends on how well a person can judge the situation considering one’s safety and dignity in mind. This level of discretion is rare among individuals.

                    If every person rises up to this thinking level then there will be surely no crimes in this world, as the decision of a wise man to raise his voice at right time can avoid many harassments and other such undesirable humiliating activities. I just wish that day comes soon when there is at least someone strong, wise, judicious enough present to take stand against unethical issues happening around in this world which most of the times go unnoticed.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Well it reminds me of an incident which i saw couple of weeks back.
    I was in some metro station, metro was about to start & i saw some ladies beating a guy coz he probably did some unmannerly thing which actually complimented by his looks. Overhairy, a typical gunda style. Then someway a young IIT Aspirant jumped into the 1st coach, as the upstairs land him there & he had to hurry so he got in thinking that he would shift to the later coaches. But as & when he stepped into the 1st coach, 3-4 ladies beat him like anything & pushed him to the later coaches.
    No fault but beaten!!!...

  2. To beat a guy for entering in a wrong coach sounds uttermost punishment.Women should understand that the person will definitely shift to another coach if told in a polite way.But yes if he did some unmannerly thing then probably it was the right thing:P.But most of times women do tell men that "ye ladies coach hai,aap aage jaayiye",may be its sometimes the frustrated women who are against male chauvinism burst out their anger on innocent males.

  3. heheheh...(chauvinism...:P)
    arre read this post on my blog...there were actually 2 guys...1 jo pehle tha...gunda type & 1 IIT Aspirant jo faltu mai pita...
    Do read the whole story on my blog...