Hello everyone!
To introduce myself let me tell you a story..are you guys ready to read ???...here it is
There on this huge round earth is a country called India, land of Aryans and in this auspicious and pious land there is a small city called as Chandigarh where about two decades ago i was born, the night before i was born my father saw lighted lamps ..so finally i came into this world opened my eyes and started growing like any other child aimlessly without knowing what i want to do in my life and what i am for in this world. Gradually developed an inclination towards reading  and i don’t know when it became a part of my life. Now after living two decades i have started thinking about what all is going on around me and possibly to figure out why things are like that.So decided to share my views with you and start a blog ...so am here !! thats the whole story...

Will be back soon with some 'daily rambling' ....check it out J

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. well articulated :-) looking forward to read much more in this space :-)

  2. thanks :)...yeah you will surely find much more here :)

  3. Good one :) !!!!!!!Hmm totally agree , it has to come from within , but many times i have felt that although it does come from within the inner self , but some fears of getting into a situation one doesnt want to , one closes his/her eyes from the obvious

    Its like a small child , who closes his eyes and feels that as he cant see anyone , nobody can see him , but the truth is still there , it will be there forever in your mind , in the sub conscious level that you didnt do anything , when you had the chance too

    All the best wid ur venture :)

  4. yup but the difference comes in when u decide to keep your eyes open and face your fears.To get rid of your fear you have to get immersed in it and feel it.Indeed this step is difficult to take as compared to closing your eyes but this is what will make you unique and above others :)