Finally, am home:)

I am finally home, had to pass through a lot of hurdles just to visit my home once. It was 2 weeks before that I had decided that I would go home on 2nd Dec ,but I forgot that am doing MBA where am not permitted to plan 2 weeks ahead  :-P .In MBA life we are sure of just the day we are living everything else is blurred and unpredictable. I know its long but you have to bear it … so here I go with
First hurdle: On last Friday we got the timetable and then there two tests one on Wednesday and another on Friday. We tried to convince authorities to get it postponed somehow so that we could leave on Thursday...(Oh ‘we‘ refers here me and my friend ) we were almost successful in our plan when next day there was a mail which informed about classes on Saturday so another problem,  had to see whether lectures could be bunked or not. Second hurdle: test on Thursday was again postponed to Friday. Third hurdle: surprise test in class on Thursday (I haven’t touched the book of this subject once) by this time I had almost made my mind that I will stay back. But then somehow decided that I want to go home and I will. Fourth hurdle: we had already booked our tickets of train to Chandigarh but could not reach station on time and missed the train (on my way forgot tickets in room so had to rush back to get them) then went to Kashmiri gate and boarded the bus. This was still not enough, there was jam on the route so it got delayed further by 1hr.Finally am home J, over ate delicious food made by mum and now writing it down. I felt as if some unknown force was stopping us from going home, something not visible, I don’t know what. I could have come home last week or last to last week easily but all the hurdles came in the week when we had decided that we will definitely go home. Its possibly the Murphy’s law which says that
“Anything that can possibly go wrong, does.”

That’s a glimpse of MBA life we live at premium B schools.  It has definitely done some good changes in our lives .One of them is that I am in habit of sleeping less now after one semester, habit of keeping myself busy in something or other, the thing is schedule is hectic and u can’t get time for yourself here except for one – two hours. Someone said truth that Its easy to prepare for CAT take CAT and get admission it’s much more difficult to survive here. First semester was like HELL. it seemed that I have been removed purposely from a heaven like place ‘Bangalore’ where I still had to get a project in IT firm and was enjoying my life by going out every another day with friends and had even made plans to celebrate new year in Goa But destiny had some other plans and I got admission in IMI and landed here on 29th July 2010.i was happy at that time for my decision but never imagined about what was lying ahead, but it’s fun here apart from work, u get to learn a lot of things through group works etc.It makes you learn that you have to work for that many hours daily later on, so dude start it now!

Its exact opposite of engineering where we did nothing except bunking classes, having fun, no work :-P. While now it’s more of work, little fun and no bunking of classes as its impossible to bunk here. But as engineers do have the habit of not doing work before time so here also they keep on continuing this habit where ever there is any scope of opportunity…because ‘engineers ko koi na koi keeda kaat hi jata hai ,kaam time se pehle na karne ka’. Talking about another aspect of life here in MBA, there are professors who keep on criticizing us in the hope that someday we will start working really hard and become good managers. Particularly there is one profs whose classes are like hell and difficult to survive, I keep on looking at watch but it moves very slowly in his lecture and time stands still. But they are enjoyable as well in another sense that it keeps me awake and attentive irrespective of how sleepy I was in previous lecture :-P. Overall it’s a unique experience of life here and hopefully I will see better in year ahead.:)

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Ya :) truly life@imi has been a box full of surprises , but i guess that prof is ,truly a star , you know , we mimick his style , he always gets the maximum share of our mind all the time :), in a sense i guess he makes his impact and thats what his plans are :)

    For me i think IMI gives you enough time to do whatever you want given that you plan well , it gives you time to play for hours or sleep for hours , write a blog , comment on other's blogs :P , for me training at Infosys was the hardest thing in life , and i think IMI gives you much more freedom to enjoy and than many other B-schools :)

    Keep enjoying life @ IMI :), I hope we become good human beings after completing 2 years of life here :)

  2. "it keeps me awake and attentive irrespective of how sleepy I was in previous lecture"....;D...
    nicely written although i think the title is not apt...its more of IMI then that of home...
    think otherwise...
    though its a good read...:)

  3. lol..yup its more of IMI but the feeling of reaching home has much more soothing effect than life at IMI ...which will be resumed back on monday :( so thats y..just to keep myself happy :P title if "finally m home " :)