I had been waiting for this day for more than six months when I finally got a mail, I was so thrilled and happy to see this mail in my inbox, for which I used to check my mailbox 10 times a day. After seeing the mail I estimated that I was just left with two weeks to go. I told the most awaited news to my parents and brother, they were also happy for me. Yes it was nothing else but my joining letter in the mail from Oracle Financial services software ltd. I had got posting in Bangalore.

           I passed out in 2009 June and got placed in Oracle way back in March 2008.I had been sitting home waiting for my joining in the hope that one day they will call me. It was a really frustrating phase ,my daily routine was like  get up at 10 am , get fresh, have breakfast, study ,surf net when get bored or tired then hug mum when she came from office in the evening ,gossip with her ,go for a stroll and then after dinner get engaged with a novel. All thanks to recession, I could take CAT and prepare well for it, I could read a no of novels, do whatever I could do and the best thing was enjoying my stay at home. But sometimes it was really frustrating to keep on waiting like this at home especially when all your classmates got their joining and had moved on.So finally I started packing my bags when got the mail and was really gladdened to start another phase. Dad booked the train tickets to Bangalore of 27th march ’10  and all my family travelled along with me to Bangalore for my joining as my company was not providing any accommodation so they were worried about it and had to get it done themselves to make it sure that I am secure and safe afterwards. Coincidently I met people in the same coach of the train to Bangalore who were about to join the same batch.
                During our journey, there was a person sitting on the single seat opposite to our side, he was tall, had a little stubble on his face and seemed to be introvert , was most of the times busy in his mobile phone. As the train stopped at a station suddenly a bunch of guys rushed into the coach and started talking in Haryanvi with him, I figured out from the talks that he was going to be one of my batch mates.., although I didn’t believe it at once because seeing his physique I was earlier guessing he might be having work ex of 4-5 years..lolz. I met some of other batch mates in the next coach and they were somewhat known to me through facebook, orkut (thanks to social networks); we gossiped, played cards, other games and thus enjoyed our journey.
                Finally we reached Bangalore and found a hotel near railway station .it was a really congested area, and was reflecting bad image about the city. We rested there for a while and then went to look for my supposed joining office. I liked the city when I first saw it, it was a hilly area, green and weather was awesome as I had heard about. On my first day of office I heard the HR’s lecture, got introduced to other batch mates and in the evening I explored bang with parents, I hated the area where the hotel was, I was really worried if all the city will be like that .We found a mosque there nearby while strolling, me and my mum decided to visit it as there was some celebration going on. Then something awkward happened, one of the followers called me and said ‘ you have to cover your head and face, you are a female and you can’t come here like this, cover your whole body with a burka’ I felt like eeewwuu what was that? do I have to cover my face before coming here , for what ? am not living in 10th century..come on its 21st century and I have the right to wear whatever I want to.I respect every religion but it shouldn’t try to bind anyone in its own norms, that is irritating.
              Anyhow after a day my family shifted in a new hotel near my office and I got a new PG where I was apparently shifted with my luggage. I got two other roommates there Ruma from Gurgaon and Aparna from Bhuvneshwar. Very soon I and Ruma became really good friends while Aparna used to remain a little aloof from us. I got many new friends during training including the train guy .Had fun, never studied infact. Life was fun there; I visited places in Bangalore almost every weekend. Having your own money in your hand, the feel of earning first salary and managing it own your own is uncomparable.It was an unforgettable experience of my life , all the memories have been imprinted on my heart J(will describe it some other time)..and after 3months I was about to get a project in Oracle when I got admission and flew away with a two days notice to company. It was strange but I spent exactly 3months there, i landed in Bang on 28 March' 10 and landed in Delhi on 29 June '10 morning.It seems now that i was on a kind of vacation for three months and but i would love to visit the place again and rejuvenate my memories :)
                commercial street in Bangalore from where i brought a no of things :)

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. superlike...
    I think this is the beginning of ur blog's lyf...
    wherever it was required to explain the things u did that evenhandedly....& wherever the tempo was getting down u made the description short & moved on...
    really liked it...:)

    Keep writing...

  2. It seems you are getting well with this blogging things. I am glad that you are improving with every subsequent posts. Keep it up, it will do good to you :)

  3. i was in Bangalore for more than 2 years, and even now the wonderful time I had there happens to be one of my best topics to blog about.

  4. @vee...its fun to live there ..and that makes you to write about it :)

  5. well writen n well represented,,,,,
    well done gal:)