it is important to stay at the top of rabbit's hair.

ItIts 1:18 am and I want to getting addicted to it, I don’t know but  blogging is prompting me more and more to write J.It was my B’day today, I have celebrated it first time in hostel and am feeling good .when I was a kid, my parents used to celebrate our (mine and my bros) b’day together , and I used to fight that it was not fair .Then during college days celebration reduced to just a party and no cake cutting and other fancy stuff. In hostel, the culture is to celebrate b’day at 12 midnight by cutting cake and forcefully applying it on the b'day boy or gal’s face and thus kind of playing holi with it. No one told me about what was going to happen on my turn. Well it turned out to be the same surprise for me and I really felt good. So that is how b’day celebrations kept on changing as I grew up, not only way of celebration, but also people change with time as they grow in age.

                 yesterday at one point of time I was suddenly so saddened that I felt as if am standing alone in this world and staring the whole world with my eyes and no one besides me, I don’t know if it’s good or bad but somewhere down inside I have the fear of losing my friends and close ones, that what will happen if some day am left alone, with no one to talk to and no one to rely upon, share things. Am I that bad? Will I be able to live further? There are many kind of people we meet in this world; some of them wear different masks at different point of time while some of them don’t wear any mask. The first category never wants to reveal their inner self, what they want to do and how no one knows. They try to pretend to be something else from outside while their intentions lie safe within ,which orient their actions to achieve the motives, they are those who would ignore you, feel jealous of you but would fall on your knees if they need something form you. Second category don’t really analyse their surroundings that much with a perspective of making  their own profit, they just take the life as it comes and have no separate inner self .These people are honest and committed towards their work, they help people without any ill will and try to achieve their motive through fair means. Whereas the first category would change their mask as soon as they take out advantage from someone and move on, this makes them speak politely, shrewd, rude and in many other innumerable ways whenever required .They become narcissist to the extent that they won’t even pass a smile when they see someone passing by because that person is not of any importance to them. Mind you they are master planners and won’t ever let you know what they are aiming for and you would get to know only after you get screwed by them.

                       I don’t know but as I have grown up I have started getting negative or positive indications from the aura of people. Their personality lets me know and I don’t feel like talking to some people while I automatically share a lot of things with others. I never felt this distinction earlier and I used to consider everyone the same. But now I don’t know why but I can’t talk to everyone as I would do with a friend. I don’t know if am wrong in my discretion but somewhere my inner self stops me from talking to first category of people. Their attitude irritates me.

                     I read once a book called ‘Sophie’s world’, its one of my favourite book. There was a phrase there in the book, I don’t remember the exact lines but it said that this world is like a rabbit, when we come in this world we are standing at the tip of hairs of rabbit, as we grow and get involved in materialistic world we get deeper and deeper down towards the roots of the hair from where it’s really difficult to get back to the top of the hair and see the rabbit as a whole and its creator. People in today’s world have integrated themselves in the race of to be the first one to such an extent that they have lost the wisdom to judge what is right and wrong, they don’t know what would be the consequences on others from their attitude they just want to achieve success by hook or crook. They have come so far on the roots of rabbit’s hair that they can’t see people who are still staying on the top, they are not affected by what is happening up there and will keep on seeing this virtual materialistic world being unaware of the fact that real world is where rabbit lives which only those at top of its hair can identify .

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. This Blog is totally honest...Its how a blog should be...right from the heart !!!

    Happy Birthday by d way ....

  2. hey thanks for both wishes and appreciation :)

  3. happy birthday! great post. i think everyone of us goes through that phase you've been through. and most certainly birthdays in college will be the memorable ones i guess.
    and about the masks people wear in their usual life - i think that's how it is. and by living in hostel, we come across various people and go through experiences which help us in our life in identifying people, their minds not their masks! keep blogging.

  4. beautiful way of writing things, in an immaculate way.
    happy birthday wishes , though belated.

  5. :P...Purely written...
    Though i wanted to specify something...

    1. Second Last Paragraph & 2nd last line...It should be 1st category not the 2nd one. Rather I think you should change the order in which you characterized the person, 1st one should be of good ppl & 2nd of bad...i mean generally this type of pattern usually people follow so.

    2. yesterday at one point of time I was.......till........Am I that bad? Will I be able to live further?...
    Its a dangling thought, i think it doesn't have any significant imp there. Passage is more about how you see people(bday) & you correlate that with the masked/bad people & then you rightly conclude that in the end with that book, but these lines digressed the flow.

    Keep writing girly...:)

  6. @gagan yeah it should be 1st is a typo..thanks for pointing out :)

    may be you are right, i just wrote whatever came in my mind, didn't try to correlate it.will keep in mind in future :)

  7. thanks Vee.. and pramod for taking out sometime of yours and reading my blog :)

  8. @gagan have done the correction in 2nd para..