Seven days in rollercoaster

          We are over with the first day, I don’t know how this week will pass. Will it ever pass or not ?I am waiting eagerly for the next Thursday to come somehow  and I wish I could step in a time machine , fast forward it and go straight away to next Thursday. What else can make me think like that except exams? L
                   It was the first day of torture there are still 6 more days to go :(.Yesterday it was a holiday, perhaps the only one before exams. I got up at 9 am, convinced myself to take the book which was lying somewhere on my study table. Started studying, after sometime felt tempted to do other things like surf net, read novel, watch a movie (why do I think about all such things when I have to study...i don’t know, am yet to figure it out.) then buried all those temptations and whispered a no of times to myself “I have exam tomorrow, study idiot don’t think crap” after sometime involved myself so much in OB that I up with a sensation and again started the drive to finish the syllabus. Talking about the subject Organizational behavior, it is about the ideal behaviour, structure, norms etc required in an organization to become successful .We have to familiarize ourselves  with at least terms and the context where they have to be used. I had to read two full readings (which are notes of professor) and one text book ,which was too much to read in a day and specially when I haven’t read them before. Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of burdening us with so much reading? Is it to make us study the subjects in detail and prepare dissertation? Or to make us capable of reading the books in one go...oh not just reading but analyzing as well? I kept on studying and studying, simultaneously thought about a no of things. Sometimes memories of past, home kept on flashing and sometimes it was just the temptation to watch a movie or do Facebooking. Finally completed syllabus at 1:30 a.m. and slept. And I was feeling as if have I retained anything or not, oh shit what were sources of power? What are the strategies for interdependency roles? How to manage the change in culture? Blah blah.
               It was so monotonous yesterday and I was wondering when environment is dynamic, we should follow organic structure which leads to innovation and many productive things while in our case it is the same routine, mechanistic life where the day to day activities are so similar, no creativity ,no enthusiasm .Well Ob concepts fit here as well since the environment is stable and no change is required we have to follow mechanistic model and engage ourselves in the daily assignments, projects, PPts etc. and are supposed to have fun out of this life when we have to do such work for around 18 hours of the day. Every day is just another day which passes and brings me closer towards my aim and this makes me happy at the end of the day.
              Exams are more of like a rollercoaster in which you are a child who fears from taking rides but has been seated there forcefully fastened with seatbelt which you can’t open, no matter you like it or not you have to bear it. You have to face the fear and get involved to the extent that you don’t feel fear anymore. Whether you are able to pass through it or not depends on how courageously and confidently you face it, how strong you make your will to pass through it, if you let yourself weaken at any point of time you may get thrashed by the harsh wind and the instant strokes. Close your eyes, believe in yourself, your instincts, hardwork, potential  and you will come out safely. 

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Do you know I have also studied this subject about 2 years ago.. We read it from a book of Robbins, and only the stories given in that book seemed interesting. However i am also riding the same rollercoaster right now, but the difference is i have only six fighting day and i have to ride it for about 30 days... thanks to my university.
    Anyways, Nice post.. will be looking for you next experience

  2. hehe...u seem to be on a long ride (30days)...u will soon find updates here...:)

  3. One of the boring subjects of all time..."OB"..:(
    I had that in one of my semesters...:(

    & Exams sux big offence...;P

  4. yup m over with OB but have 4 more lined up :(

  5. Its so friggin common: we HAVE to everything else in this world when exams knock. Guess its the good old procrastination.

    OB...enjoy!! We MBAs need to be screwed for at least two years for screwing the world shitless for the rest!

  6. yup right ...we need to be screwed for screwing others :P

  7. i know how difficult is to keep urself awake while OBing... and the temptaion to watch movie ... OMG... and there will be enff reasons to support ur cause also...Ha ha ha...
    keep up the good work monica..