Awesome weather

The black clouds have surrounded the sky, ready to pour rain and bless the people living on earth. It is getting dark , the clouds have formed an umbrella they have decided the area where they are going to shower the pure drops of water. The washed clothes are flying with wind, but the clips on them are binding them. The owners of these clothes are unaware of the fact that soon their clothes will be wet and their effort of washing them will go in vain. All the birds and animals have understood that something is going to happen so it is better to stay back in their homes with their children. 

The window is flipping, the curtains are swinging and it is turning dark at 4 o’clock in evening. From the window one can see the dark sky, one can feel the cool breeze, inside the room music is on and sitting on a cosy bed a girl is trying to write something JThe rain drops have descended on earth. The appealing aroma of soil wet due to rain drops is pervading.

The weather sometimes makes me happy without any reason. The cloudy sky which can bring rain anytime cheers me up. As if some energy is being transferred to me through these clouds. I want to go out and fly in the sky and feel these clouds. This wind has a unique feature i.e. it brings smile on everyone’s face. The pureness in the wind brings with itself a positive energy which is transferred to whoever it touches.

Suddenly the girl got afraid because near her room somewhere lightening has struck. Why everything has two sides??Rain brings happiness, prosperity and growth but also lightening which can struck anyone and can bring sorrow, grief. Why can’t it be a positive sum game instead of zero sum game? Can we ignore the negative side effects of everything? If yes, then for how long??

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. As long as u r happy with the positive side .. no need to bother about negative side. Eventually turn that negative side into positive. :D

    "Carpe omnia"

  2. I have been hearing how great the weather has been at Delhi for past one week now and now u write this... :) Somehow even listening about it from so far away and now reading about how great it is there, makes me happy.. I have been praying for it to Rain in Bangalore but only getting worse here..

    For once I wish I was in Delhi.. ;)

  3. @seeps i was wishing otherway around...i wanted to be in Bang ...missing my friends there

    and don't u worry rain might be on its way to Bang :)

  4. Ahh.. Touchwood.. Its only cloudy.. I hope it rains soon! U shud visit Bangalore soon! :)

  5. yup I am just waiting for the opportunity to be there :)

  6. yup got the news :P.....c i told u, rain was on its way to Bang :):)