Some random phrases..

I was done with day's work and sitting idle..wrote just a few phrases which came to my mind..i am not a poet nor i want to become one , just expressed myself through these phrases...

Am I losing myself ? Just coz of someone useless or I just found myself?
I don’t know the answer but I know that am not the same which I used to be.
They say everything happens for good..may be I should wait to become a better me
But how much time, when am finished from inside, and left dead just with flesh?
I won’t grow again like a phoenix I know, I am lonely, restless, irritated from my own self
Self which I can’t destroy, no matter how much I hate myself
Gone are the days when smile was my best friend ,
The time when I used to be proud of myself
But time moved on,
Here am alone, introspecting myself why I did stupid things and trusted wrong people
Who were around me just for their own needs, who were mean and beasts
The darkness they spread still haunts me.
But I know one day I will not be afraid of darkness
Will make my own way through eyes of my heart
I can’t take anyone along me, my path is defined and set
To see the sunlight after darkness, it has to be my effort
And the sunlight will come soon as it can‘t be always night.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Great lines , would love to read your happiness one day

    ATB !!!!!

  2. Aint it real fun to hate oneself sumtimes? and discovering how stupid it was to?

  3. hmm...the more i think about myself ..more i hate myself :P and sometimes it is just like 'OMG i did that ,where should i bang my head for such a thing..blah blah'

  4. @luv u can follow my blog publicly :P there is no restriction :D

  5. wait a minute...if it aint public, how can u know i am following??? :(

  6. coz you are not visible among my followers (right side)..i know from your comments...that you are following it:P