Retail Therapy

A few days back I visited Kamla Nagar – a commercial area in Delhi, one of the major shopping centres located near North campus of Delhi University. It was the first day I enjoyed being in Delhi, since I am here. The place is famous for spicy street food and popular brands of fashion apparel and it was indeed true. I went through metro till Vishvidayala station and then took a rickshaw to the market.

When I reached there, I could not realize for some time that I was in Delhi. The market is structured like those of traditional Indian markets which exist in towns. The retail outlets and restaurants are located on ground floors while upper floors are residential. It has most of Indian and international brands.

The market is really huge and spread over a large area, somewhat similar to commercial in Bangalore. There are big brand shops displaying the tempting products at their windows while outside there  are street vendors of vegetables, bangles, apparels , chat gol gappa ,ice creams etc.  I enjoy visiting such a market with people going here and there, busy in their shopping, content with their spree. People enter a shop with a purpose of buying something; they negotiate with seller and take away the required things. The satisfaction in buying what they want and the thing that it is worth of what they paid for brings a smile on their face.

As you proceed further in the market, you can smell the food being cooked, the spicy smell tempts you to enter the restaurants & fast food centres while mannequins displaying beautiful dresses in the windows tempt you to try them once. The moment sun sets the site becomes more beautiful, people busy in shopping hustle bustle of rickshaws, scooters, cars trying to make their way .The glittering shops and the noise due to presence of traffic and people becomes prominent.The pleasure of visiting such a market would have doubled if my mum could accompany me, I missed her there. I was hungry by evening and tried a burger from a local fast food chain, apparently it had its own taste, was more crispy and fresh as compared to MCd.

Although I don’t like crowded areas but this was good, the crowd was not irritating and enough space was there for everyone to walk freely. Given another opportunity, I would like to shop there and eat delicious food when tired which I generally get while shopping [:-P]

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Hmmm.. Nice place it seems.. its not just towns that have such typically structured "marketplaces".. we do have these all over Mumbai... but the gol-gappas are better up there in Delhi... Nice Post

    Enjoyin' your hostel life as well?? :P

  2. i have been to Mumbai in around 1995 i guess, visited link road there..may be this type of unstructured markets are all over India...but now with urbanization modern and structured market places are coming up in major cities.Malls are one of the examples ..
    yeah enjoying hostel life.. :)just 14 months left yippie :D