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Listening songs from my headphone, doing some work, chatting, thinking about a number of things simultaneously this is what you can say my daily routine is after am free from classes.
We attended a guest lecture today by Mr. Amar Singh who had been VP of Coke, on how culture plays a role in corporate life. He was very expressive and was successful in conveying everything through his acting, voice modulation or by making people act in a certain situation. It wasn’t boring or sleepy at all although it was an after break lecture and of 2.5 hour duration.

He told us many facts which we were not aware of earlier. I am trying to list down some of them below

1. People from different regions communicate differently in a meeting. Latin Americans like to cut each other while in discussion while oriental origin people speak with a pause after another person ( Vajpayee effect) where as Americans speak sequentially one after another .

2. They are two types of people depending on how they go about in their thought process; first category is sequential while second one is synchronous. Sequential people do their work sequentially, they approach one work after other and concentrate fully on one work at a time while synchronous have the habit of doing more than one thing at a time e.g. They will talk on phone while driving, women would take care of child while cooking, students would watch Tv while studying ..So many examples they are none other than Indians :-D while Americans, Europeans are sequential.

3.The most visible evidence of such categories  is when you find that Indians never form a queue for buying tickets on a counter or on a shop , they are always eager to do their work first without considering that others are also there, they have the habit of living in chaos and turbulence and are not bothered when they see people fighting with each other for something while on the other hand sequential category people always form a queue wherever possible, they can’t deal with chaos and turbulence.

4. This quality of Indians help them survive in turbulence or in bad times like recessions, strikes etc. This quality enables them to adjust in environment of sequential people because they can easily handle one work at a time. Indians should be proud of their ability to work simultaneously on a number of things and utilise such potential efficiently  

5. Our culture is diffused and ascription based while Americans and Europeans have specific and achievement based culture. Indians give a lot of importance to age, gender, social status, and designation they feel tied to ancestral traditions .So generally when they meet a stranger, they ask about name, background, location etc. while Americans and Europeans generally ask about achievements and what are the core subjects etc.

We have so much diversity, wide variety of behaviour among people, we don’t think alike, rich culture which keeps us connected to our ancestors, their achievements and learnings. But the huge potential is not being tapped in proper way, the need of the hour is not to follow west but build our own identity ,I know we as a nation are slow at decision making but have to count on our intellect and multitasking ability to move towards progress and development .

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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