ticktock tick...

Am done with exams and all stupid submissions :) Now I have become half of a manager , my college is helping me to provide knowledge regarding how to load people with work and screw them : D.

Even after 7 days of continuous torturous days , we have to submit a project after 3 days of exams and funny part is no one in the group knows what to do and how to do :P .I will enjoy upcoming days a lot with a no of things lined up for me :).

Life moves ahead , but sometimes life is so funny that even the time keeper which moves ahead every second reminds you of past ;).

People have moved to their homes but am still in hostel due to some reason , will be home soon:)

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Congratulations on becoming half a manager :), but i think your real education starts now , first hand experience of life after MBA, it will be short preview, but skills gained would help throughout your life

  2. hmm i know..lets c what is lined up ahead :)congo to u too :)for becoming half a manager (chota sa manager :D)