Colorful Holi

  As usual I was not in any mood to celebrate Holi. It is not that I don’t like the festival but from past few years I have been at home and my parents don’t celebrate this festival with much of enthusiasm because they think Holi is a festival of children, teenagers. For a change I didn’t go home this time, I had time but due to some intuitive reasons I stayed back and went to my relative’s place. I was fed up of the monotonous life of college last week (after three quizzes in a day along with a presentation) and needed some fresh air badly. Next day was Holi- day, in morning I was sitting quietly after having breakfast, suddenly my cousin who was covered with a number of different colours with a handful of pink colour and rubbed it on my face and ran away. I was like what the hell...for a second I was not able to breath because of the colour on my face.
              After that I went out, on a corner of the street small children were playing holi with plain water. When I crossed the street, a small kid starting throwing water on me using his water gun as if he wanted to drown my fully using his small water gun, it was funny. After few minutes more and more people threw colour on me and I looked like a ghost :D, when I looked myself in mirror indeed I looked scary. In evening there was a cultural program conducted by the society where children danced and those who scored well in standard 10th and 12th were rewarded. Next morning I came back to my usual life in hostel. I had to stand throughout the journey to hostel by metro, it is becoming crowded day by day .Any time, any day, you travel by metro don’t expect to get a seat. Anyhow am back and going through torturous week of exams. Will be back soon J

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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