Bury your dreams --->no alternative sometimes

I felt today that I am one of the luckiest persons on this earth because I have got best parents in this world, in fact every B school student should be proud of his /her parents who are ready to invest so much in them and believe in their abilities and respect their dreams. Moreover being a girl, my parents stood by me and let me go for what I want makes me feel really good.

In India many children don’t get the opportunity to go to school. Approximately 10 % of those who go to school can reach up to 10th standard while the ratio which reaches graduation reduces further. The situation can be analyzed from the fact that only 1 out of 14000 students goes for higher education. And there can be 
many reasons present at each level for not letting students pursue further studies.

  •  Few years back one of my friend was not allowed to join a top B-school because her family thinks that they won’t be able to get an MBA guy as in their caste people don’t study much and moreover they could not spend so much on her.
  •  A guy was not allowed to take admission in a B-school because his family was not supporting him in spite of the fact that he has a dream to start a business after MBA.
  •   People are not allowed to take an education loan
  •   Mentality of Indians that a girl has to ultimately do household work, she can’t handle office and home simultaneously.

There are many other examples of people who are not allowed to do what they want to because their family is not supporting. Even in this age Indians are reluctant to educate their children in the field of their interest. They don’t understand how desperately their child has been dreaming to be an MBA, Doctor or any other professional. They don’t understand the efforts done by their children to reach at that stage. Again this may be due to the fact that they are themselves not educated and don’t understand its importance, the competition to get admission in a good college.

I feel really bad when I see someone who has really worked hard to get admission and when that is being offered , tears roll down because family can’t support education expenses or a girl can’t pursue further studies. All these stupid reasons stop the best potential talent to be polished further.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Sometimes, yes, there is no choice. Lie when it comes to early schooling and such like.

    But later in the life there is always a choice. If one chooses not to choose, some1 else will. And, there is no going back to that choice. I mean, you are done with your graduation and still blame your parent for what you do! Come on!! Give me a break!!!

    Frankly, I am tired of people who choose not to stand for what they want to do, and then blame others.

  2. but can you go ahead without your family ??

  3. The choice is there to be made. One may sure choose family over other things - but then it is their own choice. They can't blame others for that.

    Ohh! My father said so i din't. Wrong. I din't because I choose something else over it.

  4. when family doesnt support one has to respect their decision as well....cant just go nd say i will do this...nd u go to hell..well its not me may be you can do that :)

  5. When family decides, and one chooses to go with it - it is still their choice. I am not saying one has to tell the family to go to hell. All I am saying is that it is a choice one made - not a choice someone else made for them. So, one must take responsibility for that decision rather than say I wasn't allowed to.

  6. its a wonderful topic you have written about. sadly, we youth in India are still not able to pursue studies based on our interests. one probable reason is we look for opportunities which will eventually earn our food. our parents always want the best for us, and they are worried about our future too.
    but if we are confident about the choices we make then its our responsibility to convince our parents. failing to do that, we should not be blaming our parents.