He forgot everything, but she remembers each and every moment spent with him. It all started with a slap-she slapped him gently one day sitting in a coffee shop foe some stupid reason, his ego was hurt fortunately light went off for few seconds and he took the opportunity and slapped her the same way. Now, they were at equal positions – it was always about being at equal level and then loving each other as if they are the only two persons who exist on this earth. They used to share a lot of things – whatever happened in their lives and a lot about their own self which brought them closer day by day, the common thing was the jovial way used to discuss the things, they never lost any opportunity to tease each other. At times they were too romantic, holding hands while sitting together in the dark night and then observing the clearly visible stars above in the sky just made them feel on the top of this world. On the other hand when she was in bad mood she used to cry silently while sitting with him, he just observed her and never tried to stop her tears. Perhaps he was aware that he will leave her soon and won’t come back. This was the reason he used to hide certain things, to be in his own self sometimes. He just let her cry may be he wanted her to get used to crying. He could not tell anyone what he felt but he kept on burying the pain in his chest. At last the day came and they were separated and the so called love was lost forever.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Nice to read that story :), but i think her love was surrounded with expectations , when you love some one there is nothing equal , rationale , logical , ROI :), its just love it makes u vunerable , ignore reality,but truth is people wrap love with expectations and futurisitic plans and get hurt :)
    Love for the moment as the moment may last forever in your memories :) getting hurt is not in your hands but loving is :) if you are brave enough to take that risk :)

  2. if you will ignore reality, you will be hurt more in the end ..yup you are right dear one should love for the moment as it may last forever :)