Hazy Life

It is really good to be at home, seems like am back to my old life which used to exist a year back. I am just wondering what am I doing in my life perhaps nothing it is just going somewhere, why can’t it be stopped to let me think what can be the consequences of present, I feel that am quite old, am not the same teenager I used to be in college who was innocent and laughed a lot, now it is more of thinking and less smiling. I know I write crap but it just makes me feel fine. Sometimes I wish I could just skip my present and reach in future when am near to death to see what life would be by then at other times I wish I could just jump back in past when I was small enough who has just started walking, that would have saved me from a lot of decisions I need to take in present. Alas, I don’t have a time machine L I really want to relive the time I used to be in my mom’s lap and I could see the people around me who would all be excited to see a small baby  and  ready to take me in their arms and play with me :D. At other times I imagine myself a woman in mid 40s busy with her family like my mom.

 Life is hazy, it brings on a number of puzzles which are needed to be solved and u can’t move on without solving them. As soon as one gets over another comes in front to keep u busy, I don’t know who sets them up but they are there and you need to apply your lessons in the upcoming puzzles where you will find your another weakness and so on. But would it make you perfect in end? or will you keep on making mistakes? Well mistakes are worth if considered as a lesson otherwise the circle will go on. I don’t think so, sometimes lessons won’t come handy you will commit the same mistake and will not know until some damage has been done. It is your psyche at that time which makes you take a decision and it will change with time , sometimes you are best and sometimes just not even average.We  call it luck most of times, it is your own part which is dynamic and makes you feel different at different point of times.Your psyche would sometimes make it difficult to understand a simple thing which you will find very easy if it just strikes you Jotherwise you will keep on thinking but will not be able to understand a simple thing.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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