Arranged marriage

When a girl gets 20- 21, the day of worries begin for parents. Of course every girl wants best for herself and her parents wish the same .Some of their requirements is as follows (Now this is a general statement which would be preferable by every girl and her parents, so guys note down)
1. The guy should be qualified at least up to the level of the girl’s qualification
2. The guy should be from the same caste
3. The guy should be vegetarian or non veg as per family’s preference
4. The guy should be rich of course
5. What do his parents do, how are the relatives. (This factor is considered very important)

Coming on to the guy side, the worry starts much late, say when the guy is of 29-30 yrs old. When the guy is settled and doing nothing other than job :D. (So guys keep yourself busy if you want to drag it)
Some of the requirements from their side are
1. The girl should belong to the same sect and caste
2. The girl should be homely and should know the household work
3. The girl should be beautiful
4. The family should be reputed.
Then the hunt starts with careful observation of newspaper’s matrimonial section and matrimonial sites. The weekend newspaper suddenly becomes really important, all the ads of prospective groom/bride are looked carefully, those who get a tick mark by their side are lucky to have cleared the first round. The second round is calling round. The shortlisted candidates are called up and enquired about their time of birth, whether they are manglik (some sacred obstruction which is present in destiny by default and can be cured by pooja), what is the parent’s profession, what is their gothra, blah blah. The complete profile is noted down and then discussed. Some contenders also insist to visit the prospective bride/groom’s house. Now some of the candidates are cut down because their native place is not so good in respect that people belonging to that particular place are not compatible in family or are not good natured. I don’t understand this concept of associated “nature “with the place.
             Anyhow let us suppose that girl’s parents come to guy’s house and surprisingly guy who works out of town is currently present at his home on vacation. The situation of guy is such that it comes like a surprise for him that someone is coming to see him. He is puzzled and a lot is going inside him and he keeps on thinking is that the purpose he came home for :P. The parents stare at the guy to confirm whether he would be good for their girl. Now this situation is really funny, they are argus – eyed and observe him from head to feet, they observe the way he talks, way he looks, way he appears :D. After this whole of melodrama, if both parties agree then the arrangement is made for a secret meeting of guy and girl somewhere in a public place. The old tradition of girl coming with a tray holding tea and snacks for the guy and his family is vanishing gradually. The rationale behind it is that it would be bad for a girl’s reputation if guy or their family says NO after seeing her. So it is better if they meet outside as in no one (neighbours and all) would notice even if the offer has been turned down. If a girl gets rejected for more than twice then people (in society) start talking about the reason she is not getting married, infact rumours are spread and it becomes difficult for a girl to live confidently.
           Every girl has a dream of her man, which she has since her adolescence. No one asks what she likes and what she wants, in most of the cases she has to get married to whoever her family wants. Finally the D day arrives when the girl is a princess and guy is her prince, together with blessings of god and their parents they tie the knot and start a new life.
          Arranged marriage is more of a gamble or lottery, u never know with whom you will spend rest of your life.It is a compromise on the basis of trust of two families which eventually takes the form of love.<3

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


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