Eternal sunshine of spotless mind

Yesterday I watched a movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind’. It was different from the usual love stories in the sense that generally when lovers get separated, they plunge into depression and cry with all the memories for rest of their lives. But here was something different, the male protagonist was really in love with his girl and was having live in relationship. Sadly the girl was not so happy and decided to leave him. She got him erased from her memory and started a new life...yeah you heard it right, she got him erased from her brain. The guy gets a mail saying that don’t disturb the girl as she has totally erased you from her memory. He was shocked and went to that centre where this procedure takes place. Apparently these centres are really busy during V-day. So, the guy also decided to get her erased from his brain as well. What they do is, they asked him to collect all the memories in his mind and bring all the gifts or anything associated with her the very next day. Then they scanned his memory and asked to say out everything he could recollect. The procedure took whole night in which they erased his memories when he was asleep. They said it would be like a dream, you will forget everything in morning like you do with your dreams. Waaaoooww sounds really good, does not it? I wish it was there in India, many suicides could be avoided and many people who are in depression could get help from it or perhaps anyone could get erased all the bad memories of life. Life would have been much easier then on emotional front. Well the strange thing in the movie was that the guy loved her so much that he tried to take her away in his memories which he didn’t share so that they could not erase it. It was so sweet of him, but ultimately it got erased and funny thing they met again and lived together forever. Moral of the story ‘true lovers can’t be separated, come what may ‘ lolz. Do watch it if you like the concept J

Monica Dhiman

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  1. Seen it, loved it too!

    If you like such movies, I suggest you should see Forrest Gump too, bet you'd like it :)