GPE Lecture

In last semester I had a subject geo political environment (GPE), in which we were required to learn politics going on across the globe like oil war, world war, patent issues, organizations like NATO, GATT, ITO, WTO, Chiquita banana etc, strategies of US, china well name any country in the world, it was included in the stories told to us by our professor. Adding to the subject our professor was terrifying, her personality and the way she shouted at least it was terrifying for me. She used to observe every student very carefully and could point out the sleepy students, even if they were just about to sleep she could clearly identify them and then they had to bear her wrath. Once in her lecture which was scheduled at 8:30 morning, I was sleepy even after intense efforts of mine to keep myself awake. I had been moving on my chair, adjusting myself time to time to keep my eyes open and was trying to write whatever she spoke. Since stories were all history which I hate from my childhood and secondly 8:30 in morning I was bound to be sleepy. In a few minutes she shouted “you mam sitting on last bench, if you are sleepy get out of my class”. All my sleep vanished in the very next second which I had been trying to avoid since last half hour: P. I said “I am not sleepy” and listened rest of lecture with my eyes wide open. Then came another incident, we had two case presentations i.e. each group had to present two cases, with two groups presenting each day - one in favour and other as a critic of the topic. Unfortunately my group was the first one to give presentation, our was the critic one for the topic. Usually in a group each member prepares what he has contributed for presentation, but professor is clever enough to make anyone present anything from the group. We did the normal work and got ready for presentation. When our turn came, something got messed and some points got repeated and to my dismay she pointed me to be responsible for all this. I clearly remember the words she used while I was presenting “what are you doing? What do you want to say exactly? Are you on critic side or in favour? Sit down, I don’t want to hear anything, let others be given a chance, shoddiest presentation, deplorableLActually I know I said something in favour but was about to cover points on critic side before which I had to sit down. At that time I was perplexed as I could not figure out if I said something that wrong.

                  I was really disappointed, and felt that it was because of me and now whole group will suffer just because I did something very wrong. Those words “deplorable “, “shoddiest presentation “were echoing in my ears. But my group mates are really good, they encouraged me and said we will talk to her and we went to ask her what was wrong. Again we were the victims of her anger especially me who according to her messed up. I called my mom and she said “teachers have the right to be angry, they are your teachers and they want you to be a good student, don’t be disheartened. In our days teachers used to beat us but still we were happy “
                I thought I will get F grade certainly in this one so let’s prepare well before for the second one and I did what I thought, worked hard. The second presentation came soon. On that day my heart was beating so fast and I could hear my heartbeat, was thinking what if she stops me again L but thankfully the presentation turned out well rather she liked it very much and said I need all presentations to be given like this and asked "Why you guys didn’t do this way last time?" Finally was happy for my work. Actually I get a little nervous when I go on stage and speak and get over conscious of what I speak that messes up sometimes.

           She gave us another chance, so we were the unlucky people who had to give three torturous presentations. There were also other unlucky groups who were cursing us because we took the initiative that we will definitely give third presentation that too on the last day of session and had to take three tests as well. I went unprepared for two of the tests and prepared just presentation and finance. She came in her actual avatar when she found out that some of the groups have not prepared: D .All ended well, but still i was apprehensive of my grades in the subject. Few days back I got the result and It is an A, perhaps first A of my degree. I was so happy and surprised that I got an A after so much of disappointment and humiliation.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. As they say, all is well that end's well :)

    This particular post reminded me of my MBA days and one particular seminar, where we mass-bunked and our parents were called up to inform them how useless we are, but as they it is history now! :p

  2. hehehe...we cant bunk here :(...if attendance below 80% then we get subgraded :( you were lucky to have bunked classes without subgrade :P