Is there Mr.Right out there....nah i don't believe so

I just don’t get it, why do people say that there has to be a soul-mate for everyone, that one day you will meet your Mr. Right. Well What I feel is there is no Mr. Right; it is only what you feel and how circumstances turn out. In India marriages were done in a way of course arranged marriages I mean, in a way that couple would meet and see themselves only after marriage. My nanu told me that on his wedding day there were two marriages in the same family, same place the other one was of my nani’s sister. So when brides were being taken for the wedlock he was confused about which lady was his bride...lolz. It must have been funny and scary as well. Today I can’t think of marrying someone even after dating for a month forget about getting married without having seen the prospective groom. Let me guess what would have happened in those times. The guy must have his dream girl and on the first night when he will get to see the bride finally...his expressions would be like that of Jenice in F.R.I.E.N.D.S “Oh my GOD” :D.
Then if with time they get to know each other well, most of times they fall in love but in some cases they start missing something because they think they didn’t get married to someone who could understand them and keep on cribbing for their lifetime and this makes life of whole family miserable. I have seen many couples who live in separate rooms because of the frequent clashes, they don’t even talk to each other for weeks, they go somewhere together for the sake of society, no doubt children are loved by both but the couple is living under one roof just because either the woman can’t earn or for the sake of their children and society. What about their Mr. Right or Miss Right? Did god just forget to make their soul-mate? No, it is all about what circumstances turned out for them, they were set together by their families without knowing what kind of nature they both have. Actually I should say families become a little selfish and don’t think about whether both will gel together or not, they just think whether family is good or not and guy is earning good or not.
Our society and implicit norms of conduct are all not really acceptable. Some things need to be modified, and things have changed since then but what about people who have been locked together and are just dragging their life. Even their children start ignoring their conflicts after some time and start living their own life leaving them alone, but it is the couple ultimately who have to be each other’s support in old age.

Monica Dhiman

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