A morning walk

For a change I woke up today at 6 a.m. yeah it seems a joke lolz but I did wake up at 6 a.m. after sleeping at 2:30 a.m. :D.You might be thinking why I sacrificed my sleep and woke up at 6, well guys I was determined that I will go for a walk although I don’t need it but to observe the sunrise and the early morning breeze, birds chirping to conclude just to know how it feels to be awake early :P. The first thing I heard was the crowing of a rooster which I don’t when I wake up at 10 A.M.All set for a walk with my sneakers I went in a nearby park with mom dad. The environment was spectacular with a little darkness and sunrays making their way on to the green grass which was sparkling with the fresh water droplets, the cool breeze with some kind of freshness was blowing and refreshing everything. There were more number of females then males, people were jogging, exercising. The noticeable was that majority of people were doing Yoga. Someone was doing ‘kapal bhati’ while at other place a group of men were laughing a loud. Others were trying to unite their hands somehow through their back but failed. There were people of all ages, whether young ladies, middle aged ladies, gentlemen, people from same office, same neighbor walking and discussing their 
problems. Yeah there were also one or two handsome guys exercising to remain fit. It was a nice experience, will try to continue for rest of the daysJohh the moment I think I feel bad about sacrificing my sweet sleep. It is like a trade off between absorbing the freshness in the morning and the sweet dreams at the same time. Let us see what I choose tomorrow.

courtesy - these are the pictures which i took in morning , well the ambiance tempted me to take these.

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