The slap that changed me

It is another lazy Sunday at home J.Eating, watching TV, surfing internet, sleeping and sleeping, more of sleeping is what I do these days .Suddenly something just flashed in my mind and I recalled my school days. Surprisingly I remember more clearly the days when I got slapped by my teachers rather than the days when I was awarded. I am trying to delineate an event of being slapped which is still vivid in my memory :D

   I was in seventh standard in those days. The session had just begun, we had a really smart beautiful class teacher who had an appearance like that of a model, in fact she was really beautiful. She used to carry herself very well but at the same time she had a direful personality. I was really afraid of her when she used to shout in the class and especially when she slapped someone and the sound echoed in the class. The day was not far when I had to taste the slap on my cheek. She used to teach science and always took the very first period of the day. She used to ask questions from the previous homework and those who could not answer were made to stand until the process was finished. These children were then lined up to be slapped by her. That was a brutal act and it really terrified me. One morning I was not able to answer and was lined up to be slapped. I was so nervous, I didn’t want that to happen and let others watch that. It was really dreadful, my number came and she slapped me with all her force backing her big hand which was big enough for my face and I was displaced from where I stood. I could not listen to what was going on in class for few minutes and was deafened by the loud sound of slap. I was embarrassed that day and abused her a lot for slapping me but after few days a huge change came in me. I started studying more regularly, with more of interest especially in science and started volunteering in class to answer the questions. After that day I read each lesson before it was taught in class and soon came in her good books. That one slap brought in me the good habit of studying with interest and I think I owe it for making me a good student for rest of my life. J

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. How can one slap be so effective? Where exactly did the palm land?

  2. hehe..yup it did change me..coz i didn't want to be slapped again :) it was on my face of course :P