Thanks CCETians 2009 :)

Batch 2009 EECE of Chandigarh college of Engineering and Technology
                                  photograph shows people busy in copying practical files :D :D

Yesterday turned out to be a special Sunday, I was bored at home so contacted all my college friends whoever are here in Chandigarh and fixed a venue and time to get together. Unfortunately just two more turned up. One of them is Navdeep urf laddu, my arch rival :D let me tell you why he was called so. There used to be a lot of competition between us to score highest in class , he used to challenge me that he will score more than me in next semester and so on that is the reason he became my arch rival and whole class knew about the challenge but wait why he is called laddu,I still don’t know, there must be some reason behind it.. will figure it out never thought about it actually .I still remember the day when one of our semester result was out, and in that semester he scored more than me which made him ahead of me by one mark in aggregate. I didn’t care about marks as in I never thought that I have to score highest, It was just a coincidence. That day he vexed me as children do with each other when they win a game using his tongue and other funny expression. Yesterday we met at McD and recalled all the funny incidents we were part of in college. Below are few of them
There was a class going on of a professor ‘Jayshree Shelke ‘ ,students used to call her ‘chilke ‘ :D she used to pronounce yellow as ‘ellow’ and students used to ask her again and again “which colour ma’am please repeat”, so she was once teaching in the class and some paper ball stroked her back when she was writing something on board. That paper ball was targeted at laddu and unfortunately it stroked her :P, she took it and asked in anger “who did this”. As usual no one answered ,then she opened the paper ball certainly it was empty but she checked everyone’s diary to match who did that and also identified the accused .Then guys requested her a lot to stop her complaining about them to Principal
Here is another incident; we had an arrogant professor who taught “Artificial intelligence” to us. Once he was teaching and roaming around in the class unaware of the fact that his pants were unzipped. The news spread through sms during the class, and everyone started laughing until it reached the guy on first bench who then took the initiative and went to him and said that “sir, I need to tell you something privately”...Lolz and he replied “ say whatever you have to in front of everyone “ :D then again everyone laughed. But then guy told him and professor was really embarrassed, immediately he took his position behind the podium and stood there until lecture was over. The moment he went out the whole class was laughing aloud discussing what had just happened J
There are many more and can’t be put in words. Those daily bunks, that too walking out of class in front of the concerned teacher and pretending that we don’t even know who she is :P, that unity for not attending extra classes, reading novels during lectures, making drawings of teachers, gossiping during lectures, making poses for photographs both outside and within the lecture, the most memorable trip to Manali with the “chingu” incident, making comments on dressing and make up sense of teachers and teasing others. Oh those days are really the sweetest of my life, really had fun in Engineering. Just memories are left now, I know that time will never come back L but I have all the memories and photographs for rest of my life. Tears rolled down yesterday because I laughed so much :P. Thanks a lot batch 2009 of CCET for all the memories J and of course for giving me great friends as well J

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  1. college life is great... being in 4th year of engineering who can relate more than me with this post. :)