They met after a long time, love was shining in their eyes. She was standing close to him and he held her from her waist. She said “you know how much I missed you honey?  There was not a single moment when I forgot you”. She was almost in tears, he replied back “as if you think it was easy for me to live apart from you”. She moved her bare feet on his and stood completely on him. He held her more firmly to support her and moved his right hand in her long hair and caressed then bent a little and kissed her cheek. She blushed with a lively cute smile, he could not held himself back from smiling and said “I love you sweetheart”, she blushed more and hugged while saying “I love you too honey. I wish I could lie in your arms forever”. But he had something else to say, his heartbeat was racing and he was worried what if she says no. Since he met her he had been dreaming about her as his soul-mate, with whom he wanted to spend his lifetime. He never revealed his dreams but cared for her a lot and was just waiting for the right time which was now. He whispered in her ear “ Will you be with me for all my life? Will you be my wife?”She was on the top of the world and could not gather herself for few seconds, her dream came true. She was right about him being her Mr. Right the only man she loved till now. She got blank for few seconds, after a pause she said “I would die if I won’t marry you”. Suddenly cool breeze blew and the ocean waves impinged on their bare feet, stroked the shore and left their feet wet in the sand imprinting them one forever.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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