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I reached Delhi yesterday at 12 pm, the journey was quite comfortable but I didn’t know I was going to suffer in next few hours as in I was oblivious of the fact that my college can’t just let me live in peace and very well know how to screw anyone. So we (and my friend now my rumie) reached college with hope that this will be a little relaxed year because we are now in second year but we were of course wrong. We got a small room with no proper cross ventilation and it feels suffocating in this room. Already we were apprehensive about getting this one and it came true, we tried to get it changed but ultimately we had to put our luggage there. We rearranged beds and tried to make the room look a little spacious and started placing our things, by afternoon we were really tired and were making efforts to arrange a cooler again thanks to IMI and some people from here we could not make it and had to sleep in the small hot room. To get some relief I used a wet sheet to cover myself that ways I got some cool air :D...this was what I and mom used to do in hot summer nights when electricity used to be absent for long hours. This was not enough when we got our time table and came to know that we will have classes from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. almost daily and we will have to study seven subjects instead of six because one of the courses has been shifted to this term which in other words also means some relief for next term as we will have only four subjects.IMI can do anything to take away peace of my mind :P.I saved this article in morning and finally now at 10:09 p.m. I got the time to complete it anyways good news is that we got a cooler for the room :).

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