I wanna go home :)

I am done with my internship here in Chandigarh. It was a unique experience with a unique boss. Honestly I have learned many things which are not taught in book. In other words it was more of a vacation at home than internship. I got time to spend with my parents which I needed badly after being away from home for one complete year. One of the important things I have learned from internship is be diplomatic and try to speak politely to everyone. It was in marketing so communication plays a crucial role in bringing you up the ladder. I have decided to not tense myself because of others , I will accept them the way they are because I can’t change anyone who is around me .I need to concentrate on myself than others,  I think it would make life much more easier. Just the thought of leaving home makes me sad, I really don’t want to go. In my childhood days, I never opposed to go to school but I want to cry now like children do when they are forcefully sent to school. Life seems simple and cozy here at home and I know I have to leave in few days, and it can’t be postponed. But what is to be done has to be done, so I will try to cheer up J.Two and a half months have passed so quickly here, I wish I had a six months internship [:P]. Anyhow I really enjoyed meeting with friends and family , it was awesome with no exams , no lectures and no more irritating people JIt feels nowhere else like it is to be here, no matter  wherever you go

For those who are far away from their family and are missing them. Listen this song you will enjoy J

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. hi....it was really interesting for me to read this article........i have also written a poem on the same matter......u can c it on my blog...


  2. a very beautiful post..i miss home too ..i can very much relate to it since even i remain too engrossed in this MBA schedule of mine ..and hardly get to go home.thanks for the lovely link to the song :)
    i wanna go home :)