Just a Thought

I have always believed that  things can be back if two persons love each other truly, even if one of them goes off track and does something undesirable which is of course not expected and not agreeable then the other partner should have patience and  forgive him/her ,because some things should not become an obstruction in love. The relationship should be above these things, but this is only when both love each other. On the other hand if it is one sided, and the other one just takes advantage of him/her being in love and moreover sidelines him/her when the objective is achieved and after some time contacts to begin all over again, isn’t it gross? It is heights of being selfish. Yeah there are people like this in our society who don’t feel ashamed of what they do when they play with sentiments of people and not only stop there but insult them when they are done with their objective. ’Charu’ in ‘Pyar ka Punchnama’ was a similar person who took advantage of feelings of ‘liquid’ and made him do her own official work and insulted him in the end. I have seen many people with this kind of character, I wonder if these people ever feel guilty about what they do. They know nothing else than keeping themselves happy even if it is at the cost of others. I can’t sleep properly if I speak maliciously to anyone, leave aside the thought of taking advantage. Sometimes I think they belong to some other world and I can never understand their perspective. I would like to get a bad feedback then asking others to do my work, I would love to be my own whatever I am and whatever I know, at least it gives me satisfaction in the end that I did my work myself and  I am responsible for where I am today.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Hi Monics , i am glad you found my blog ,thanks !
    You know there are really people who are born without conscience..it's a cursed to them.Yes, i agree this world is not for them..only good ones deserve to be here,like you and me...hahaha

    Seriously , thats why don't give your 100% trust and love to other people , if you do then pls. spare something for yourself. So that if they go .you will still survive..Gets? More blessings!

  2. yeah you are right, I should keep some love for myself :P..certainly I survive :)