How it feels to be an interviewee

I never thought of what it would be like to be on the other side in an interview. I remember every day on which I have till now appeared for the interviews in my life. All night am not able to have a sound sleep, the morning starts with all kind of questions how will I do? Will I be selected or not? Why would they take me? am I good enough? What would they ask? Blah blah. That jittery state does not go until it is all over. Today being a panellist, I was on the other side of the table. It was exciting and my first opportunity to see how people behave and to think what might I have looked liked to whomever I gave my interview. Perhaps the interview was for our Econ IMI club (economics club),we made all arrangements and started the process at 2:30p.m. First candidate was nervous, and was not able to express clearly what he wanted to say. He was confused and gave vague answers, although he had 3+ years of work experience, usually work ex people are expected to be more confident and practical with good communication skills. Surprisingly today I interviewed many people who had good work experience but they lacked good communication skills, they were not impressive and I thought for a moment that I am better than them at any time. I am of course nervous during my interviews but I try to hide it by smiling, and if interviewers make me comfortable enough than I am pretty good that is what I can recollect from my experience of interviews. But Believe me being on other side of the panel brings confidence, and authority but it is much more difficult to observe each candidate carefully and then look for required qualities. Someone may be good at event management but lacks interpersonal skills and is introvert, and somebody may be good at technical stuff but bad at event management.

I had headache and had to leave the process in between, while other members carried out the process and finalized the six candidates for the club. We are now looking forward the junior team for their initiatives and new ideas for the coming academic year.Here is the link of website of the club.

Monica Dhiman

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