A Tattler in the bus

I had thought that second year would be a little less stressing, but it is turning to be opposite. I have classes from 8:30 a.m. to 6p.m. for 3 days in a week. Time stays still when am in class and it just vanishes once I get back to my room.
Yesterday after attending exhausting lecture of Financial Derivatives for 3 hours I started my journey to home. I must say travelling by metro is getting horrible day by day, they must do something now to make the journey comfortable. I had to stand at one position during the whole of journey from my college to kashmere gate. Anyhow I reached the bus stand, bought a ticket and entered the bus. I was just checking my seat, when a girl rushed towards me and grabbed the window seat. Perhaps it was supposed to be my seat but everyone is crazy about taking a window seat so I thought maybe that is why she has behaved like that. I thought let it be, so didn’t ask her to get up. As the bus moved on, so did her quarrels on phone with someone. It went on like that for an hour. I was lost in my own thoughts until I was appalled by her mewling, I removed my earphones and saw that she was crying over phone. I felt awkward and thought should I ask or not to a stranger whether she is alright or not?

Anyhow I stayed quiet and then after sometime she was completely changed, suddenly she asked where are you staying? What do you do in Delhi blah blah and started telling me why she was crying. I was surprised as in usually people don’t tell their personal problems to a stranger in a bus. She said that she was in Delhi to meet her friend and yesterday had a big fight with her because of which she just flee away from her home without telling her. But now after crying over phone, they are both even and everything was sort out. She even showed me sms by her friend which indicated that her friend has realized her mistake and wanted her to come back.

Once this story was over, she told me about her family and then her brothers, friends, schooling etc.
Surprisingly we were alumni of same school in Chandigarh :-D. Then she asked me about my age and said that you must be getting married in some time lolz...I said I haven’t thought about that yet. She was younger than me and said that she would be getting married soon J.This was funny, she even told me about her dream boy :-D.She was sharing all this as if I am one of her good friends.

In a short time when everything was sort out, she turned into a very different girl who was ready to share everything to a stranger. She was so busy in telling me all these things that she forgot to tell me her name. Anyhow it was nice meeting her, thanks for her stories that the boring journey became lively.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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