Janmashtmi :)

Janmashtmi, birth day of beloved Hindu lord ‘shri Krishna’ was celebrated in our college today. I was surprised today to see the enthusiasm students had to celebrate the festival. There was a ‘matki fod competition’ held and two teams from 1st and 2nd year competed but could not succeed, girls drenched the guys with water when each team attempted. It was fun to see the tower falling each time. In the end both teams had to join hands to crack the ‘matki’. Then there was pooja at 11:30 pm. Girls decorated the main entrance of the academics block where ‘laddu gopal’ was placed for worship. I remember, my parents used to take me to temple at night to celebrate Janmashtmi and it was really good. I always had a special place in my heart for lord Krishna. Somehow I have felt the idol more close to my soul, whenever I visited iskon temple and heard their chanting, the music and the tone has always been soothing and pacifying. We become so much busy sometimes that we forget to thank god for whatever he has given us. I don’t know if God exists or not but I know it is a blind faith which provides me positive energy when am distressed and gives me hope that everything will be fine.Today in pooja no one was religious enough to know the ‘aarti’ so obviously we used Cd to play the bhajan but the youth gathered and even the foreign exchange program students who don’t even know the history of the occasion and lord Krishna came and performed the ritual. There were muslims, christians, hindus, sikh everyone together to celebrate the occasion. I wish Indians become like our college students someday who stay together as one and support each other in difficult times.
                                                   Janmashtmi celebration @IMI

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