endless tears

She lies on her bed quiet at the wee hour, with her eyes filled with tears. No one asks her about her woes, she stops weeping after some time, becomes a strong woman and starts doing her daily workings. At noon her two children come from school, she prepares meal for them, washes clothes, cleans house and then help her children study. In the evening her husband comes and orders to make special dishes for him. She is again in the kitchen preparing things for her children and husband. She eats her food in the last even if she is hungry because she is not allowed to eat before others and then in night she has to satisfy her husband by massaging his legs and feet. She is a housewife but her day is busy than other professionals, she is never given off from work. If she falls sick, her husband tantalise her and she starts working with tears in her eyes. She wishes for a while that if she had been financially independent today she would have lived her life according to her convenience. Unfortunately her husband does not love her instead she has been used over and over again to fulfil various services but has never been loved and respected as a wife. Her parents died long ago and she belongs to a poor family, now she has nowhere to go but to live like a servant. Her husband pretends to be a good hearted person in front of others but never considered his woman as his love. He thinks woman can do only household work and men have to control them. It has been like a prison for her, which sometimes even prompts her to suicide but for the sake of her children she stops. She is not living but just waiting her life to pass on, she is not breathing but waiting for her end. Dying seems to be a better option for her than to live like this with a diseased body and work like servants every day.
She thinks a lot about if she had a chance to refuse this marriage, if her parents had investigated about her husband then this day could have been avoided. But what is her fault? Just that she obeyed her parents, those parents who could not educate her because of poverty and thought that she would be well off in a rich family. Now they are not there but she is left with the devil and can’t do anything. Who is responsible for her condition, our society? She herself? her parents? For two decades she had been obeying her family and even after such a long time no one cares for her. She needs to stand out for herself one day to avoid this turmoil and live for herself rather than her family.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. A vivid life story of thousands of housewife in male dominated world :(

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  2. My God does this happened at present ? Women are empowered nowadays ! Women should wake up , and have a stand ,this no longer a matter of children to have a broken family , mother is already very broken though society sees it as still in tact family. This is the problem because some women never fights and considered themselves a mere wife. Letting all abusive things to occur. This should not happen. All are equal to everything. Though a woman is only in house chores still she deserved all rights and all RESPECT as a human being.
    Woman are not to be maltreated but to be love.
    If such thing like in the above occuring ,the husband is not considering that woman as wife but a slave. AN object he possessed. Then i call this man as not a human being but a beast.
    To all who reads this blog and it happens same thing to you ,one thing i would like to tell you...you LEAVE your husband while you still have self esteem and having that self respect within you.You can do it! Get support from friends or family or from certain organization...Be aware of your rights and learn to fight..sometimes WE NEED TO FIGHT INORDER TO SURVIVE..God bless all women. Last , man whoi abuse and never respect a woman is not a man but a gay!

  3. Another case of arrange marriage being a flawed system , due to social pressure divorce rates are lower , but looking away doesn't solve problems :)

    Secondly she is not under any domestic violence , the women is depressed and needs help , its more a Her problem , she is scared to break her shell , what if she does try to break it , what can be the possible consequence , m sure not worse than it is right :)

    All she is needs is to take a chance!!!!