Friends have the habit of teasing when you don’t like it at all, to tickle you and comment on your behaviour, your deeds. I would say sometimes I do get irritated by their taunts but it is their right to do so. When you are lying on bed, really tired just waiting for lights to go off and suddenly your friend beats you with a pillow and you just get stuck like a statue thinking “now why this?” and then scream hard in your ear to make you feel goosebumps and  turn your cheeks red. I would have been sleeping otherwise but such activities are must to realise that you have friends who do care about you and sometimes like to have fun with you. They understand you, your problems and expect the same from you. They laugh with you and yeah not necessarily cry with you but can make you stop crying by scolding like your parents do :P. Friends form an important  part of your life especially when you stay away from your home. So always value your true friends J and show your concern.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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