what after death??

Why is it that you can’t stop some things from happening? You can’t do anything no matter how hard you try. You feel like a miniscule insect which will be ruined anytime by someone giant. You have to keep on going with the flow because you have nothing unique to make yourself distinguishable. You are just another living being who has to live for a particular specified time and then leave. Have you ever thought of where do people go after death? Or rather souls, in case they exist?
I somewhere read that once there was an experiment conducted to see what happens when a person dies, what they did was they took an air tight glass box and placed a person inside it who was about to die. When he died there were cracks in the glass. I don’t know how much authentic it is , but if we consider it as truth then definitely some energy leaves humans on death which we refer to as soul. In India there are myths well I would say ‘myths’ because I don’t believe in them, so myths are there that when death comes’ yamdoot’ a messenger of ‘yamraj’ (god of death’) comes to take that person along to another world where he has to face ‘yamraj’ who then decides on the basis of his deeds on earth whether he deserves to go to hell or heaven. Don’t know who invented this, but may be it has been introduced and inherited in our culture to convey that be conscious while doing anything in your life, consequences can be far reaching if you do something wrong. It is something like a mother threats her child by saying something which may not be true but she wants to confirm that her child stays out of it. There is another belief that after living 84 lakhs lives, a soul becomes free of life cycle and also that if you do something terribly wrong in this life then you will have to live in the form of animals for all successive lives, some even say that you get to live as a human only once in these 84 lakhs times. Many people say that good persons become stars after death:P and they can talk to you in your dreams well that brings in another thing of whether ghosts exist or not.
I would not get into that now. I think that everything happens on this earth, you won’t be penalized after death. Whatever you do, good or bad you will get back in the same life in some or the other form.

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  1. God sits up there - with his long white beard - in the midst of clouds. A soul comes up to him, trembling with fear, and goes on and on about her sins. God takes a wet cloud and wipes the slate clean. And, sends her off too heaven.

    The End.