What would you do if someone who is close enough vexes you from time to time by making witty remarks? And you have to keep quiet every time just out of respect which can be due to age or any other thing. Well some people do have this habit of intruding in privacy of others and keeping an eye over what they are doing, what they have brought, what do they look like. Such people will notice their weakness and where they themselves are superior to them and then will keep on making witty remarks about the same on their face. This becomes really irritating sometimes and get on to my nerves, at such times I want to shout loud on their face “dudette what is your problem, you should know the meaning of word ‘privacy’ so better stop intruding and get a hand on dictionary” .I was just thinking what exactly such kind of people want by peeping into others houses, so first reason could be they are not happy with their own life and always want a reason to crib about and when they go to others house they start comparing their lives with them and start finding deficiencies to make themselves happy. Secondly they want to show themselves better some or other way, so they keep on behaving in such a petty way. I was just wondering don’t they have any other thing to think about or do in their life. Strange there are so many things to do, except intruding in others lives but some people still love doing that and waste their time.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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