thanks for being there :)

I felt really good today, thanks to you J for being there. Today, I felt I am living my own life with ‘my’ friend. This is what I have thought of ‘friends’ to be like since the time when I grew up(supposedly).I had been in paucity of good friends from the beginning or maybe I want to be friends with very few, whatever the reason is every time something happened and good friends either just got lost somewhere or they disappeared intentionally. These things make my think that why could not I identify people who were close to me just for the time being and I was just a person who would help them, pamper them, assure them that I was there for them because I cared for them while they never thought of to be with me forever. Sometimes you meet people who accompany you for lifetime and they stay with you with time which you never expected but surprisingly they do and on other hand some people just vanish once they are far from you and never even try to contact you after ‘hanging out’ with you on every single day for around four years (not a short time period).I have very few friends like you who had been with me in difficult times and helped me to overcome them, who have fought with me to make me better and who know when I am sad and happy and what I think. I am falling short of words to define everything.Thanks for being there :D and I hope you will stay :P. 

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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