Oh no why me again? I want to ask just this one question to god today. Why am the one who gets trapped from two sides and then has to tackle people from both sides. This is what I was doing yesterday. I went to a party which was supposed to be fun, I was also enjoying but due to this social networking some misunderstanding happened between my friends and the balance which since long I had been trying to maintain toppled. And I think I lost one side of the balance yesterday or in short I lost one of my friends yesterday which I thought would never leave. Sometimes you have to suffer unnecessarily because of others just because they are your ‘friends’. I was penalized for a similar r situation yesterday. But people forget that somewhere they were wrong and they need to realize their mistake, and besides they act childish and penalize someone else to subsidize their anger which is totally unfair. Also observed some other thing at the party, that girlfriends act pricy in front of their boyfriends: D, they want to take every advantage they can for being girlfriend. For example they mind a lot for walking for five minutes and need a car to go just because they have a boyfriend who would indeed do whatever they want. Another very common behaviour trait observed is that some girls who have boyfriends act as if they are sick and not feeling good just to catch the attention of their boyfriend, lolz this is really funny. They keep on saying often that ‘I am not feeling good’ :D no wonder their sickness vanishes when the boyfriend asks to come on a date :P.This is just a trick used by many girls to capture the attention, sympathy and all the pampering. So beware guys don’t fall in this kind of trap J

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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