When I look back today, many things have changed and I have changed also. My dreams,thoughts, desire all have taken a new direction. I still don’t know where am heading but am just going on as if a ship is sailing on sea without any radar and still hopes to find land someday. At this time I just hope that someday I am exactly what I want to be sometimes. Although I am not sure if I have gained confidence in who I am but definitely have learned some things here and have strived to become a better person. Some things which were of utmost important at some pint of time are not relevant anymore. May be I have become a little rude, less empathetic but that is how everyone needs to be otherwise people around you won’t let you live.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Still worried about creating a scene??

    You are exactly what you choose to be. How can you be anything else? :) Believe. :)

  2. am not worried about anything..you got it wrong.sometimes you can't be what you choose to be.

  3. I got what wrong? You are at full liberty to explain - or so I say.

    Yes, sometimes - those times one made a choice earlier and later wants to change it. (not choosing is also a choice.)

    But then, there is always a choice. We are but sum-total our choices - one must take responsibility for who one is.