women are thinkers

Few days back I watched an episode by Russell Peter on women; somethings he said are really true. Women keep on thinking every minute, every second the only time we don’t think literally is when we are asleep( then our subconscious part of brain becomes active).I never thought that guys can be something different than girls as in they don’t think every minute. If you have any guys as friend then you might have noticed many a times, when they look very serious and it seems they are thinking about something but when you ask them they say they were not thinking about anything. It is really hard for us to believe that because we are always thinking about someone, something, some situation anything it can be, if nothing else then it can be about clothes, accessories anything. I could not understand why do girls think so much, we should not instead we should stop thinking for sometime and give ourselves some rest, for sometime we should try to become like guys at least this would avoid unnecessary headaches due to overthinking.Last week I had been passing through awkward situation of being alone all the time which I hate, but I could not stop thinking about it even for a minute. But I should understand that thinking won’t change it to what it was, it would only make things worse. Sometimes you need to act dumb and ignore to keep yourself in good spirit. This world is not always like what you want, to face some undesirable situations you need to be indifferent and bold.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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