hope to live

I was being carried away with the help of renu, a girl older than me to a nearby park. This has been a routine activity now. I was sitting at my chair and suddenly one of my friend appeared with her dad. Then followed by him some more people came, on my back I heard someone saying ‘poor girl, she is crippled, both her legs are gone’. At that time I felt inferiority complex and unbearable pain inside me, this was something which could not be changed by anyone for rest of my life. God knows how many times I will have to hear this and see people pitying on me. It is awful sometimes to be without legs and keep on sitting on one chair which can be moved only with somebody’s help, I can’t even do what I want myself without anyone’s help. Every day I watch other kids playing and running on their legs, am the only one left alone who keeps on staring others and in the end goes back to house with just a hope of ‘standing’ on my legs. My soul feels crippled, helpless depended on others for everything. Still I live each day with a ‘hope’ that someday I will also ‘walk’ in my own home.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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  1. can understand the pain, agony and hurt someone has to undergo in such situation. :(

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