I just hate it when people (especially relatives) say to my parents that ‘you should start looking a groom for her’. It is the Indian moral values which stop me to say anything to my elders, but I just want to ask them that do they know what kind of person I would like to live with before searching one for me. The biggest disadvantage of elder brother’s marriage is that people start asking about the younger one. I have been listening these lines many times since last week ...’it is your turn now’, ‘one more year to go for you then we will come in your wedding’. They have decided when I would get married, that sounds funny and annoying as well because they don’t even know what lifestyle I want to have, what would suit me and what are my requirements. Many girls are not even asked what they want before engagements, I agree that parents would always look for best( better family,  reputation of family, etc) but sometimes what appears may turn out to be artificial, they can’t get checked the nature or behaviour of the guy and the family. I have seen many cases where the life of girl got ruined after arrange marriage because of various reasons, it is more of like a gamble.It sounds awkward to get married to someone unknown on the basis of him being liked by your family instead I think it is much easier to live with someone known and trusted.

Monica Dhiman

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  1. And I hate my relatives for doing that too. Why the hell are they so bothered! :|