I wish you were here !

Its 3:00 p.m., A middle aged lady is sitting in the courtyard and talking to her husband about daily chores of life. Her son who is a young man of around 20 years suddenly comes from one of the rooms and tells her that he would be late tonight as he is going with his friends on a party. The couple remains busy in their routine life and sleep at usual time at night on that day, their son came at around 1 a.m. totally drunk and slips into his bedroom without letting anyone know his appearance and thus hiding the state of being ‘drunk’.

After few days
Same lady is preparing breakfast, the favourite dish of her son. Her son takes off the keys from the closet and without having breakfast moves out of the house. He returns late in the evening and brings snacks for his mom so as to make up for his rude behaviour in morning, but again he is drunk and can hardly stand properly, tries to convince his mom that he won’t drink again.

After few months
Some people came to see him for marriage. The boy is as usual out of town, enjoying with his friends and comes back home fully drunk. The parents of prospective bride are still there sitting in living room and the boy passes them to make a move in his own room through living room, without even acknowledging that somebody is sitting in the living room. The guests, disappointed from the behaviour of the boy left the house. The lady, worries about the future of her son and starts weeping, she knows that if not stopped now... he will go far beyond to be returned back, but she has no answer about how to bring her son back....what can she do..

After few years
He is lying on bed, with yellow eyes and blackened skin. His mother now preparing special food as recommended by doctor for him, gives him medicine from time to time. His craving for alcohol has increased even more, he just needs an opportunity to escape from home and get few drops to drench his throat and remove his thirst for the time being.He knows that even one more drop of alcohol works as a poison for him but still he wants that and doesn’t even care for what his parents want and how would they live if he dies...he has nothing in his mind except how to get a drink..and feels like trapped

Last day
His mother wakes him up as usual at 8:00 a.m., after a bath he asks curiously about what is there in breakfast, the lady responded its ‘aalu ke paranthe’ the young man smiles and starts eating on the dining table. In spite of his bad health and damaged liver he eats a lot this morning. He said ‘ mom, I am really hungry today’.

Who knew it was his last breakfast and he would never come back. His parents were left with his memories and tears along with the pain of being alone.
The alcohol took it all!!

Life is much more valuable than alcohol, don’t let alcohol drink all your blood...keep yourself safe for your loved ones ...they need you much more than you need alcohol for yourself.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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  1. Awesomely written :),, One of the best from u :)