I don't want to live anymore!

No, it is not working, it is not going according to my plan....I have to do something but what and how I still need to figure it out ...but what if it never worked...

After few months
I have taken a lot of my parents money to make my business work, but now seems am drowned fully and won’t be able to make it run any longer. I am not a good business man and neither would be a good son. My mom wants me to get married soon but how would I give her everything when I can’t earn. Everything I take into my hands just ends up in ashes with more and more loan on my head.
I feel very low...and I don’t even have the courage to tell everything to my parents who think that I am doing well enough in contrary to reality.

Last day
I can’t withstand anylonger. I don’t know how will I face everyone tomorrow...there is nothing left now. I am a useless person and I don’t think I should live anymore..It is better to die rather than live such a life and give false hopes to everyone around me who expect a lot from me..

At 2:30 a.m.

A young man who is suffering from depression and is frustrated from his life is doing something on his laptop. His mom wakes up and asks him to go and sleep, but he keeps on doing his work. Then she asks if he wants to have anything to drink and he refuses saying ‘I am a big boy now, please stop caring about me .I can take care of myself. I have some work to do, you should sleep and don’t wake me up in early morning ’

Next day
His mom is busy doing daily chores of life. His room is locked from inside and she doesn’t open thinking that he slept late at night so will wake him up late.

At 11:00 am
He still doesn’t open his room, so his mom went up to his door and knocked but there was no answer. After 10 minutes she got worried and asked his younger son to go through other side of the room. When he got is, he screamed aloud ...his brother was hanging from the fan. His mom was shocked and lost her senses.

Life is precious, value it..whenever you are depressed or frustrated and a thought of suicide crosses your mind , just once think about your parents who love you so much ...how would they live without you..and secondly every problem has a solution ...

People suffering from depression need care and love, they can be saved...the only key is to love them and make them share what is going on in their mind and not let it accumulate which results in suicide...

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. awes0me! Love and patience is all they need!
    glad that you chose to write on this topic!