a pilgrimage

Every time I am at home I am inspired to think about some answers which I stop looking for when I am away from home, in other words am inspired to think about spiritual essence and about god. I don’t know whether there is any god out there or not but yes I do believe that there is something which gives us hope when in problem, faith to be optimistic. My family unlike me strongly believes in existence of god and thus I get the doze of being more religious every time I am at home for a long time. Well this time I made a trip to Haridwar, a city located in Uttarakhand. The holy river Ganga enters north India for the first time through this city after flowing 253 km from its source in Himalaya.
    Even in 40 degree hot summer the Ganga water was chilled. The experience of taking a plunge in the holy river was amazing. Truly, I didn’t want to come out of the cold water because of the hot weather outside. Haridwar has become a city of thieves and beggars more than being a religious city. Everywhere I could see beggars asking for money, you won’t believe ladies were asked to give money in the name of river ganga for providing them shelter to change clothes before the bath. Even the shoe keeper was asking money in spite of the board fixed aside which indicated it as a free service. Visitors and residents keep on spilling dirt in the river, everywhere you can see papers, plastics and other wastes flowing in the river. Thousands of people take bath in the water daily and a lot of waste is carried by the river still people take the water in their bottles and consider it pure.

The truth is water taken from ‘har ki pauri’ never putrefies and remains pure.Story behind this is that some drops of ‘amrit’ were spilled at the place due to which water from that place remains pure. While scientists believe the water carries a lot of minerals and salts along its course which brings the ability to remain pure. India has a lot of precious gifts like ganga, but unfortunately Indians are selfish to think of anything else apart themselves and they never care enough to keep these gifts safe and clean. Today it is being polluted everyday, there is no fine on spilling waste in the river. The glacier, the source of ganga is shrinking by 19 m every year, if this continues the river will no longer exist and it will just become a part of history. Indians believe that their sins are washed off by taking bath in Ganga but I wonder why they forget their very natural duty to keep the water clean.

Monica Dhiman

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