This world is weird,strange and full of surprises and so are the homo sapiens who live in this world.As you grow up and meet people, to be precise different kind of come to know about them and get surprised to know weird aspects of their personality.

for instance some people are really conscious about their professional work, as in they keep a track on what others have done and what they are doing relatively which is one thing but some people belong to the category who are jealous of what others have done and they dont just stay quiet but keep on 'cribbing' unnecessarily. The only solution is to close your ears when they crib.

There exists this another category of people which i have come accross recently..this one gets hyper on small things and the shocking part is they start shouting on you unnecessarily to take their revenge for a small little act of yours which unintentionally upsetted them. And sometimes they will shout on phone ( with their loved ones) just to make you listen and frighten you or make you feel guilty about your deed.well it takes some time to come out of shock and react towards such first reaction to such a behavior was ' was it such a big issue?'( the issue was i took the single key of my shared room for just half hour instead of leaving it
On reception:-P).Reason for such a behavior may be that they want to show their power by shouting and come out winning by raising their voice which they think can terrify others and prove their dominance.

Sometimes i wonder that i have a really good luck which brings weird people in my life as my roommates.well i think everything happens for a good,living with a little abnormal people makes you more adjustable, patient and helps you to live more happily by keeping yourself a little dettached of their feelings which is necessary to live peacefully without bieng mad:-).

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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  1. I know, right I work with people that fit these catergories too, and honestly at times im sure they might think the same of me (rare occasions lol) but its worth puttin up with THOSE folks for those few rare "wierd" people we get to meet along the way, I think! Enjoying your blog, thanks!