Happiness lies in small things

6:00 A.M.
Alarm rings on a clock placed on a side table and a hand stops it as soon as it rings.A lady yawns,glances at her husband who is still peacefully sleeping.As she steps out of bed the doorbell rings,as a part of daily routine she takes the milk from milkman and enters kitchen to cook food.But today its something special,its her birthday today..so she cooks her favourite dish.
8:00 A.M.
She takes bed tea for her husband,keeps it aside and stares at his face.She often likes to see him sleeping,because its the only time when he has no worries,she just shakes him a little and he opens his eyes.He wakes up to have bed tea and then gets ready for office without talking to her much
9:30 A.M.
Her husband drops her on the way at her office.she is really angry because her husband forgot her birthday but she still hopes that may be he ill call her during the day.Everyone wishes her in office.
5:30 P.M.
She was done with office work for the day and then her team in office celebrated her birthday.She has been wearing a fake smile because her loved ones have not even wished her.
6:30 P.M.
Her mobile rings,its ma from delhi.This brings the most awaited smile on her face.
ma:" hello bache"
she: "hello ma"
ma: "happy birthday beta..many many happy returns of the day.."
she:"thanku mama"
ma: "what is the plan for today,where is sudhir taking you tonight"
she: "nowhere ma,he forgot my birthday ..am really angry at him"
ma: "aww thats bad of him..dont worry he will wish you today,might be busy in office work"
She:"hope so,am not going to talk to him otherwise."
ma: "cool down beta..and dont spoil your day..go for shopping, you will feel better"
she :"hmm ya will go..chalo talk to you later ,bye  love you.'
ma:"love you beta..bye"
7:30 P.M
sudhir comes to pick her up.She opens the front door of car and sits without even seeing him.There is complete silence.sudhir asks about how was her day and she doesnt even bothers to answer.
8:40 P.M.
Reached home,she opens the door to see a lighted candle in the dark.She was confused so she went ahead and to her surprise saw a chocolate cake on the dinning table shining in the light of candle.It was written 'happy birthday tanya:-)'.She couldnt control her smile.Sudhir hugs her from behind and wishes her ,and says" how could you even think that I can forget your birthday?..you are most important to me in this world"...and then takes out a small red heart shaped box from his pocket.She is still in shock ,as she didnt expect so much from him.Her face shines with the glitter of the beautiful diamond pendant in the red box.
She says I love you sudhir ..thanks a lot for bieng there..
happiness lies in small things ,life becomes beautiful if you make your loved ones feel special and make those moments memorable:) 

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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