A Short Story

It is said that sharing grief reduces pain,sharing a problem provides a solution and sharing whatever is bothering you makes you feel better.
This was what smriti has been telling piyush over phone.Piyush was stressed because of office problems and pretended that its all fine,but it wasnt.
Piyush has always been workaholic and liked to give beyond 100% in whatever he did,but in this he often forgets that he has a wife, a really sweet girl to take care of .
Smriti always knew that she can help piyush but she hated it when he kept all his problems with himself and shunned her away.
Guys think that girls cant solve their problems and hence its waste of time to explain them but they often forget that two thoughts over a problem are always better over one.
Smriti decided to contact his office colleagues and find out the problem.
She came to know that piyush was in a critical situation in office.His boss was taking undue advantage of his talent and devotion towards work.Piyush was a person who could never say to work and this has led to all the trouble.
Next day when piyush came back home,smriti was chatting with her friend in living room.She was discussing her office problem which was similar to Piyush.Piyush was awstruck and listened to the conversation.
he got the solution which was to stand for himself,his work and refuse confidently to his boss when necessary.He understood that work was dependent on him and his boss has to respect his work.
smriti had to do all this because piyush could not share things with her.But she was happy to see him.happy and smiling again.
P.S. share things with your friends and loved ones,it will often bring a solution and make you feel better.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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