When you were in standard 10th, and used to read Geography I am sure you must have read map of India showing its states, cities, railway networks, rivers etc in must have learned about Ganga and Yamuna the two great rivers which are also considered sacred ,they are worshiped in India as Goddesses and along with them comes the name of Goddess Saraswati which is considered as goddess of knowledge.

I remember and I very well can recall that I never associated saraswati goddess with a river and was introduced to me only as Goddess of knowledge, music and art.
Recently I learned that saraswati was a river which used to flow in India between Satluj and Yamuna rivers during harappan civilization.I am sure many of you don't know that there used to be a river called 'saraswati'.

Saraswati used to join Ghaggar which is also known as hakra river in Pakistan. It used to flow during 6000BC -3000BC. In Rigveda, Mahabharta have mentioned sarsawati river which also substantiates its existence.Some scholars say that it dried up in desert of thar, while some still identify it with Ghaggar-Hakra river as the position and course of saraswati river described in these scripts is similar to Ghaggar -Hakra river.

Since my childhood I have seen Ghaggar river, it has always been seasonal and the flow of water is full during rains while it dries and narrows down during summers.But I was never told its significance with saraswati river.
The reason why Sarawati dried out is that tectonic plates shifted and caused earthquake because of which Satluj and Yamuna changed their course and there was loss of water which resulted in drying up of saraswati river.Some scholars even say that it dried because of deforestation and overgrazing.

I realized that many facts, many things got buried in past and some have just left their traces while some just disappeared.History of India is so vast and rich that while reading it I became more curious to know what happened and how the present India which I see came into being. Truely, it is fascinating!

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