Few days back, a thought came across my mind. Suddenly I realized that my parents are getting old day by day and am going to be soon in their place. I will also have to enter a new phase of life which is referred to as marriage and then become a parent myself. There is excitement for this phase of life but at the same time I am afraid to lose my loved ones on the way. New relations will be build, and they will suddenly become more important than existing ones. I as a girl will have to adjust according to the new family members. My life will change completely, it will be surrounded by many new people. Sometimes I get afraid to move ahead when I think about what if I am not able to meet expectations. Girls have always been considered by their parents as somebody else’s asset who has to leave their house once she is of right age. And her in laws also consider her as somebody else’s daughter except a few good families who really take her as their own daughter. In all of this while doing her duties as expected sometimes she feels alone as no one considers her as their own. And then she has to become a mother also, bear all the pain and give a part of herself for a new life. She sacrifices a lot for her children and her loved ones and only a lady has such power to do so. She has to nurture that delicate thing and when her children grow up they also get busy in their own lives and forget about how their mother cared for them until they become parents.This cycle is filled with a lot of varied emotions but time doesn’t stop for a particular happiest moment it soon becomes a memory. There is no option to make our life just as it is now, it will change and it has to change .The best part is having new relations, new loved ones but the worst part is losing some of loved ones behind. It is not easy but then there is no choice.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)


  1. Woman is always regards as nurturer of life(even our earth is known as mother). This has been the law of life. Parents just follow that law subconsciously and pursue their daughters to become married when they feel the age is ripe . That she is now responsible and have the ability create a whole new world of her own " to nurture" . Perhaps the gift which only woman possess. So even if you have to leave your parents Stay always happy that they did what was necessary and gave you best gift of your life. That is an opportunity to explore "the gift of a women"

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