Beginning of new India

Is there really so much difference between north and south of India?Are we really different in every way from each other in spite of being Indian?Well, I don't agree totally there is still something that connects Indians across the states.
Earlier around 30 years back,arrange marriage was in trend and love marriage was considered to be a taboo.People believed it ill not last long but as the time changed,youngsters moved from north to south in search of jobs and better education.Neverthless to say this is playing an important part in the evolving culture of India.Earlier because of extreme cultures north and south Indians had differences among them, but today's generation is different,while working with their colleagues they start respecting each other and a sense of affection develops between them.They try to understand each other better and in a way which was never there few decades back.Sometimes this affection between opposite sex takes form of love.

That is the reason today you can see a lot of couples with 2 states story behind their marriage.Few decades earlier where love marriage was a taboo now this love marriage is happening not just between two castes but between different cultures and society is also accepting this change slowly.
Somewhere people have understood that what all matters is happiness of their children.Punjabis are marrying Bengalis,Keralites are marrying Biharis and so on.You cant even imagine there can be so many beautiful combinations between cultures of 29 states.
Now wonder what would new generation feel like?would they say they are Marathi or Bengali?I think they would be beyond regionalism and they will feel more strongly as Indian rather then current generation.
Racism and regionalism should decrease considerably after a decade from now as per the ongoing trend of inter state love marriages.
Don't you think all these love marriages in India are leading it  to become a better place to live in ,free from the shackles of regionalism.

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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