Are you sleeping with your mobile phone?

Are you in love with your mobile phone?ya obviously isn't it?most of us today are so much engrossed to remain connected via cell phones to our near and dear ones, secondly because of the internet facility in mobiles these days , mobiles have become a necessity in our lives.If we are separated from our phones even for an hour it makes us restless.Some of us get so attached to these gadgets that we keep them near by while sleeping.If you are one of them, you are not alone there are many of us who do this.But guys beware , please stop keeping your mobile nearby while sleeping as it is dangerous for your health.

As per research done in this area,mobile phones emit Electromagnetic radiations although its not very high in amount but it is there and can lead to various problems.Although it won't cause brain tumor or cancer as there is no evidence till now for the same but it does certainly hampers sleeping.Obvious reason is the ring tone/vibration of messages or calls which can abrupt your sleep. Also the radiations from mobile can result in  improper sleep and headaches ,depression, which some of us might not be aware of.Lets take a look at sleeping cycle.
Sleeping involves 5 stages:

  1. 1st one is a period when you are half asleep
  2. As you enter into sleep heart rate slows down and brain relaxes
  3. hormones are released and body recovers from daily wear and tear
  4. Blood circulation increases, is directed towards muscles and physical energy is restored
  5. Mind becomes active and you start dreaming.
As per studies it has been found out that, if you use mobile phone before sleeping and keep it near by while sleeping, the radiations affect sleep cycle and it becomes difficult to enter stage 3 and stage 4 duration decreases ultimately leading to tiredness and mild headaches.This interferes with the full recovery of daily wear and tear process.Some more information regarding the studies done on dangers due to mobile phone radiations can be found here:

To conclude ,it is always better to take precautions rather than regretting later on. So keep your mobile phone away from you before sleeping starting from today or if you have to use alarm feature then to minimize radiation effect keep it in airplane mode as it turns of the trans-receiver.

Say no to mobile phones at night and Stay healthy!!

Monica Dhiman

Tries to express her thoughts, observations and whatever bothers her a lot in form of words :)

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