5 Stylish ways to wear a tank top

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I think all the ladies out there are aware of what a tank top is, ok for those who don't know let us take a look at its dictionary meaning - 
                   A sleeveless, slim fitting , usually knit shirt with shoulder straps and no front opening.(Source:thefreedictionary.com)

So it usually is slim fitting and may have broader shoulder straps or thin shoulder straps and also it comes with normal covered back or racer back.It all depends on you, if you are comfortable enough and like racer backs then go for it.Beginners can start with a normal back tank top.Coming on to the straps, if you have broad shoulders then choose a tank top with broad straps otherwise go for medium or thin straps.

Tank top is one of my favorite top types because it is easy to carry, you can wear it almost on any occasion plus you can pair it with different things to get totally different looks .Let us see how you can wear tank tops in stylish ways.

Look1:Hot Chic

Pair it with a high waist denim shorts or denim shorts in case you don't like or are not comfortable with high waist ones.Get on a silver or gold Bracelet and wear boots to get a sassy look.You can wear either earrings or a small neckpiece with it,don't over do with a lot of jewelry, try to keep it minimum.You can go to shopping , beaches,outing with friends in this look.

Look2:City Girl
Pair a tank top with sheer shirts , you can keep your shirts open so tank tops will also be visible.Trust me wearing a contrast tank top instead of  a basic color slip inside a sheer shirt will bring a lot of difference in terms of smartness.Pick up a rugged jeans along with high heels to add on to this look.A structured tote bag or big hand bag would look really cool with this look.You can keep your hair loose and wear small studs or rings whichever suit you better to complete this look.

Look 3:Sexy Senorita
Pair it with a pencil skirt or ruffle skirt.Wear laceup high heels along with it and carry a clutch in contrast color.I f you observe carefully, the color of your bag/purse can make or break the impression.Red color here is standing out and enhancing the look already created.Wear a bright red lipstick to look more sensuous.This look is perfect for a date night with your guy.

Look 4:Lady Gaga

Pair a tank top with loose same color loose pants to give it a look of jumpsuit.Use a contrast Belt, and there you are with a new jumpsuit that you just created ...Pick up  peep toes of the same color as your belt, just to create a sync.Wear a silver watch if you like.Take a checkered muffler along if you further want to accentuate the look.This look is perfect for holidays/vacations.It is comfortable yet stylish

Look 5:Rock and Roll
Pair a tank top with a leather jacket.Whenever I think about a leather jacket, it recalls me of rock singers.Somehow leather jackets create that kind of rocking look.In case you are going to a concert of a disc then this look is for you.Match the leather jacket and tank top with long boots and a bucket bag.You can further add mirror shades to enhance this look.

These are the five ways in which you can wear a tank top but get entirely different looks.Do drop me your feedback about these.I will come back soon with another post...till then tada!

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